Posted by: waikatogifted | June 15, 2009

Gifted Awareness Week

Today marks the start of Gifted Awareness Week.  So why does it matter?

If gifted children, their families, or their teachers are not sure what services are available to help them, then Gifted Awareness Week is important for them. Many parents of gifted children find it tiring keeping up with their children’s thirst for knowledge. Many teachers of gifted children struggle to provide work that is challenging enough for these children while also meeting the needs of others in their busy classrooms. Many gifted children really want to spend time with other kids like them.

Waikato Association for Gifted Children offers information for parents and teachers, and opportunities for gifted children to spend time together.

Please pass on information about WAGC to someone who may benefit this week, if you have the opportunity.

Contact Mary on 849 4842 (evenings) for more information.


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