Posted by: waikatogifted | June 17, 2009

Is My Child Gifted?

One of the purposes of Gifted Awareness Week is to help create understanding of what giftedness is. Many parents go through times of suspecting their child may be gifted, alternating with times of doubt. Questions parents ask themselves include the following.

  • Was I kidding myself when my child seemed so bright before starting school?
  • If little Johnny is as bright as he seems, why can’t I see progress happening each and every day?
  • Shouldn’t my daughter be playing with children her own age, not  the younger ones, if she is as bright as I thought she was?
  • Is my child naughty, or gifted, or both?
  • If I ask someone if they think my child is gifted, won’t they just write me off as a pushy parent?

I struggle to think of a single gifted child whose parents didn’t go through a time of soul-searching as they went about finding out whether their child was actually as bright as they suspected.

If this struggle is your struggle right now, here are some web pages about the characteristics of gifted children that may help you decide.

Still not certain? Get in touch with WAGC or an organisation for gifted children near you. Talking to other people with an interest in giftedness is a good way to find out more.


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