Posted by: waikatogifted | June 19, 2009

What Should Parents Do?

Gifted kids quite often have gifted parents. Gifted parents quite often have that drive for excellence that many gifted people have in common, regardless of age. It follows, then, that quite a few parents of gifted children want to be totally excellent at quite a few of the things they do, including being excellent at parenting gifted children.

Some of the most wonderful people I know are the parents of gifted children. They thank me for things I do for their kids, and I wonder why, because when I see them interact with their own children, I am both humbled and inspired by the excellent job they are doing. Many of these same parents, though, spend a lot of time asking themselves, “How can I do better?”

Here are some thoughts:

  • Aim to be good parents. Even aim to be great parents. But don’t aim to be perfect parents – that cannot prepare children for an imperfect world! The resilience to cope with boredom, grumpy words and even unpleasant vegetables usually begins with enduring a few minor hardships at home.
  • Do things you love with your child. Seeing how adults develop their interests is helpful for children who have a great capacity to be interested in things but don’t yet know how to channel it.
  • Seek the company of other parents who share your values. Many gifted kids will question each of your values in turn, and on a bad day they may question all of them at once. It’s good to know who is on your side.
  • Sift through advice discerningly – it doesn’t all work for every gifted child or every parent of a gifted child.

Here are some web pages on parenting your gifted child:

Waikato Association for Gifted Children has a lending library which includes many books on parenting gifted children. WAGC also provides opportunities to talk to other parents, face to face. New members are always welcome.

Phone Mary on 849 4842 (evenings) for more information.



  1. Wonderful post and so timely too! As a parent of a great kid who attends ODS in Hamilton (see I still can’t say ‘gifted’ due to all the external stigma and judgement we’ve been part of in the past year….. maybe one day) the parenting role can seem quite onerous at times as one feels like they are not doing this child justice and providing all the stimulation needed. One Day School in itself has taught me as a parent so much. It would be great to have some ‘open’ discussion at the WAGS evenings on this topic. I am sure there are many parents out there with some awesome parenting tips and tools that they use on a daily basis with their ‘gifted’ child that would be useful to someone else.

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