Posted by: waikatogifted | August 24, 2010

Sydney Conference

As promised, some names and brief notes from tonight’s session on highlights of the Sydney conference.

Heidrun Stoeger was the lady who spoke on fine motor skills and gifted children, with low fine motor skills being associated with academic underachievement in gifted children.

Larry Coleman spoke on passionate children, who find an alternative kind of social fulfillment within their passions, rather than feeling isolated by these intense interests, and who are happy people.

Maureen Neihart spoke on six profiles of giftedness, as explained at tonight’s meeting. These were as follows:

  1. Successful
  2. Challenging
  3. Underground
  4. At Risk
  5. Twice Exceptional
  6. Autonomous Learner

Gifted Children presenting in each of these six ways are perceived and responded to differently by those around them, and are best challenged and supported in different ways. I found it really useful to think about these further distinctions within giftedness, and I believe many parents getting to grips with the differences and similarities between their own gifted children will also find these ideas enlightening.

Presentations from all these speakers and more will be uploaded to the conference website in due course. This is at .

Maureen Neihart’s presentation was very similar to this one presented at an earlier conference. (Yes, that’s a link because there are more presentations there!). This version that is currently online seems to have been presented by George Betts , whom Maureen Neihart worked with in describing these six profiles of giftedness.

If the name George Betts seems familiar, he is the author of the Autonomous Learner Model, used locally by Hamilton Boys’ High.

It was great seeing those of you who could make it tonight. Committee members are thinking of offering a rerun of this sessions as a webinar, that you can participate in from the comfort of home. Let us know what you think!


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