Posted by: waikatogifted | September 25, 2010

Twitter Chat on Gifted Organisations

At 4 this morning I was asleep, as you might expect! However, Twitter and the web being multinational entities, much of the gifted community was awake, and there was a Twitter #gtchat on Why #Gifted Organizations Thrive or Fail“. I’ve read through the transcript (at 4pm on the linked document), and I found it really interesting.

Naturally, energetic, focused and inspired leadership was mentioned. This is a good time to say how much I value everyone who supports me as a leader, and to remind you that anyone with more spare time and a burning desire to help out will be valued by our organisation. We are run by parents, for parents, and being the parent of a gifted child is the key qualification for our leadership roles.

Co-operative relationships between teachers and parents were mentioned. I feel we are not quite there yet. Families of gifted children often feel stressed by their encounters with schools, and vice versa. How do we care about this in a way which builds bridges instead of reinforcing barriers? How do we have teachers discover what they love about the parents of gifted students, and parents discover what teachers are doing right for their gifted children on a more regular basis? Now there is a challenge!

Avoiding co-complaining was also discussed. Well, I guess I would rather give up that than coffee! Another challenge!

Great links were posted. Here are my favourites:
Advocating for Exceptionally Gifted Young People – A Guide Book – from Davidson Institute, tweeted by Carolyn of the famous Hoagie’s Gifted pages.

A secondary level programme for the gifted in Chile. It’s a part time option based at a University. Get ready, University of Waikato – we may have plans for you! This was tweeted by Gifted Phoenix. The link is on Phoenix’s blog, which is well worth a browse while you are there.

An article called The Care and Feeding of Gifted Parent Groups, also shared by Carolyn from Hoagies.

A great analogy about gifted kids was posted by SeaburySchool:

To throw a non-swimmer into the deep end of the pool is inhumane. To demand that an Olympic swimmer remain in the shallow end until the rest of the class learns to swim is a ludicrous restraint.

The marketing angle was also discussed for gifted groups, with Sally Hogshead and Seth Godin being suggested as sources of information on how to do this.



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