Posted by: waikatogifted | October 28, 2010

Books on Dyslexia – David Whyte’s Recommended Reads.

Flashback to March. I have found a list of recommended books supplied by David Whyte when he talked to WAGC parents about dyslexia. Thanks, David, and sorry for taking so long with the post. I have tried to link each book or author to something useful, whether notes or previews online, or simply a snapshot of the cover to help you locate it in bookshops and libraries.

Robin Temple, Your Child : Dyslexia.

Robert Frank, The Secret Life of the Dyslexic Child.

Myrna Orenstein, Smart but Stuck.

Linda Silverman, Upside Down Brilliance.

Ron Davis, The Gift of Learning (previous edition was called The Gift of Dyslexia).

Thomas West, In the Mind’s Eye.

Cautiously, I am adding the search result for Dyslexia from the Hamilton City Libraries. Remember that some techniques for treating dyslexia are unhelpful to some children, simply creating more of the same stress and confusion.



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