Posted by: waikatogifted | May 30, 2011

Study Opportunity for Teachers

From Tracy Riley of GiftEdNZ:

New Zealanders: The Ministry of Education has indicated that teachers wanting to enrol in the PostGraduate Diploma in Specialist Teaching endorsed in Gifted and Talented Education can apply for a Special Education Study Award for ‘special teaching needs’. Please see for details on the programme and for details about study awards. Given the MOE’s stance on giftedness in terms of its relationship with special education, I think we need to test this! Any questions about the programmes, please direct to me. Cheers!
It would be great to see some Waikato Teachers taking up this wonderful opportunity!
Photo by Flickr member “clevercupcakes“. Food and thinking all in one picture – has to be good!


  1. Thought it might be worth noting that I just found out my PostGrad Certificate in Specialist Subjects does not credit at all towards PostGrad Diploma in Education or working towards Masters. It is not at a high enough level, so it was a year of study that I feel could have been spent on other Uni papers. Totally agree that any study in this area is worthwhile though!
    Good luck to all that pursue it.


  2. This is the PG Dip, Karol, so maybe you can apply and make up lost gound for free? Also, sometimes different universities have different rules about which prior qualifications they accept, how new the qualifications need to be to count, and what evidence of keeping skills current they will consider if qualifications are old. Thank you for your post, as at the price of most tertiary study, knowing to ask all these questions is extremely helpful!

    • Hi Karol and others! It is really tricky in the tertiary setting determining the ‘level’ of qualifications and their transferability across degrees and institutions. This particular qualification is at postgraduate level and the papers would be recognised at Massey as a pathway towards a Masters degree. Mary is absolutely right – with the cost of tertiary study it is really important to clarify the value of any papers or qualifications before enrolment. It is confusing, but expensive, territory! Tracy Riley

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