Posted by: waikatogifted | May 31, 2011

#NZGAW #Blogtour : Share your recollections of gifted people

As I ask people to share their knowledge, viewpoints or perspectives on giftedness in the Gifted Awarenesss Week Blog Tour, many feel underqualified to do so. However, some of the pieces of writing sent in have been simple recollections. Moments in the life of a gifted child. These pieces are brief and beautiful. Any reader could enjoy them.

Can you share a memory of a gifted child, a gifted friend, a gifted grandparent or a gifted inspiration in your field? Perhaps you remember a gifted team, class or group. You don’t need to name the person (or people) for the story you share to be useful as part of the big picture of giftedness we’d like to develop during Gifted Awareness Week 2011. This may be a great opportunity to celebrate the talent of someone who has played an important part in your life, and to make the concept of giftedness accessible to others at the same time.

Remember, you don’t need a blog of your own. Waikato writers can have their blog posts hosted here. Other writers can be hosted at Creating Curriculum or Building Wing Span. E-mail your posts to be hosted or links to your blog to

Hot air balloons over Waikato.

Who do you look up to? Share a memory to celebrate their talent.

Photo of Balloons Over Waikato by Flickr member “Deeknow“.


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