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A Child’s Perspective

Gifted Awareness Week Blog Tour icon.Ten-year-old and first time guest blogger, Jack Logan, shares his ideas about education from his perspective as a gifted child.

I love One Day School. Instead of having a set curriculum I am in a position to choose what area I wish to study and research. Not having to stop for the bell or for morning tea is such a bonus because sometimes I just want to carry on developing my ideas. Not being confined to a certain way of learning is fantastic!

Learning is such fun. There are set challenges on the subjects that we have decided to look into. “Hands on” is how I would describe the approach. Writing something down and sitting in your chair looking at the smart board is not always the best way to learn, actually getting out and looking at things first hand and trying something new for the first time is amazing. Sitting and listening is not my strong point, I like to see and do. I get the chance to develop my ideas and write and talk about things that I find interesting in the subject. I am responsible for my own learning. I can be as in depth as I want to be on particular areas.

I learn far more than regular school because I can learn at my own level and take the subject to where I want it to go. I do not have to wait for everyone to catch up or do things that I already know how to do.

I wanted to learn something about photography and we were able to do that, looking at composition of the photo, the effects of light, how to use the equipment, before going on to photo editing and manipulation on photoshop. Sometimes these hands on activities are not available at school but help you to understand other things. I cannot draw or paint very well and sometimes feel frustrated that the ideas I have in my head cannot be put down on paper the way I am thinking of. The photography showed me that there are other ways to be creative and express what I want.

I am free to develop my own learning and thinking skills. I actually get to think at One Day School and not just have to give an answer that the teacher considers the correct one. Much of my regular school day is spent doing things that I can already do, it is boring with no challenges. Going over the same old stuff is no fun. I just want to learn new things and for people to understand me.

One Day School helps me get through the week. I only have two days being bored before having an interesting, challenging day and after that only two days to the weekend. I would like to go to one day school for the whole of my education.

Closeup of raindrops on foliage.

Photograph by Jack Logan, aged 10.


This photo is called, "What's the point?", and is also by Jack Logan.

Sketchup Model

Jack also enjoys working with Google Sketchup to produce 3D graphics.

Second view of sketchup model.

Another view of Jack's Sketchup model.

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  1. I love hearing about One Day School. It sounds like something that would be a ton of fun and such a good learning experience. I really like your pictures Jack, the macro details on the leaf picture are fantastic and “Whats the Point” is well composed and I like the contrasting on it.

    I will have to try Google Sketch up, it looks like fun, and that looks like a nice house 😀

  2. HI Jack,
    Thanks for sharing your perspective on One Day School. I teach One Day School in the and can hear a chorus of agreement from my class about the value of ‘hands on’ learning and not having to stop for bells. Like Susanne I’m going to check out Google Sketch Up…something my class would enjoy for sure.

    Long may you find challenges and fun in your learning Jack! I know I’m still learning and it’s definately still fun too!

  3. thanks for sharing Jack, i dont know if we have one day school here, but its great that you enjoy it so much and felt able to express your feelings so well here…. it gives me a little insight into you and your work….well done….

  4. Thanks for your blog post Jack. My daughter is 10 too, and she has attended One Day School in the past. Your leaf photo is fantastic!

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