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What’s Happening in Schools?

Gifted Awareness Week Blog Tour icon.I’ve encouraged many people from many schools to blog for Gifted Awareness Week, and it has been an interesting experience. As you might expect at a time when professional development is not readily available, people I have approached have tended to say, “I’m not confident about what we have to offer. I’d rather not”. However, I was lucky enough to approach a fellow post-graduate student in education who had a different approach. This is what she said, “I’m not sure we are doing enough, so I’d like to do this. It will give me an incentive to look at it in more depth.” Thank you so much, Karin! What an inspiring and positive approach! Karin has also touched on faith, which makes her post very suitable for a Sunday.

At St Joseph’s Catholic School, Te Kuiti we acknowledge that children can be gifted in a number of areas, such as sport, drama, dance, music and so forth. The school has a process in place to identify those who are gifted and/or talented. We support these children by celebrating their achievements in the school newsletter, and during whole school assemblies. We also support the families by accommodating these children’s needs for time off school when they are attending events, gatherings or competitions relating to their area of interest.

Our school, together with the other local schools, is involved with a Gifted and Talented (GATE) programme. The idea is that once a term an activity of interest is organised where those children with talent in that particular area are able to join. For example, an art day where those who excel at art join with children from other schools, under the guidance of an artist, to create works of art.

Those children identified as gifted in English, Maths, ICT, Science sit an International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) test to assist with the identification of next steps for their classroom programmes.

In addition, those children who are gifted singers and/or musicians perform for the elderly when required as part of our servant philosophy and the expectation that the children develop to be valuable contributors to society reflecting the teachings and values of Jesus Christ.

God bless

Karin Jury

Te Kuiti
June 2011

girl dressed as an angel

Like this little angel, children from St Joseph's who are gifted in the performing arts sometimes entertain the elderly as part of a servant philosophy.

This photo, by Flickr member Judy Baxter, has attribution, non-commercial and share-alike licenses.

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