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  1. I have 5 wonderful children. I believe my oldest (nearly 16) is a gifted child but being my first I perhaps ‘missed’ the true meaning of her gift. My 4th child (just turned 5 in July) is as amazing in his intgelligence and he is ‘frustrating’ in his behaviour! I am at a loss as to what to do, where to go, who to turn to! He amazes us with his brilliance and brings me to tears with his lack of good-behaviour and his seemingly inability to ‘do as he should’ in the most basic of tasks. I need help, guidance and someone to talk to. Can anyone help me please! I live in Glenview, Hamilton. He has been a ‘challenge’ to me since the day of his birth and I really feel as tho I have let him down somehow.

    • I will be in touch, belatedly, and will try to find a way to get the contact info into the header. For now, it’s on the “About” page.

    • Hi there,
      I also live in Glenview, and have one wonderfully gifted son who is 6 and a darling daughter who is probably as gifted but MUCH more challenging, even at 16 months old. Just wondering where you have your wee lad at school (or are you home-schooling?) and if you are finding the school very helpful with managing his behaviour and meeting his needs?
      Also does any one know of any drama offered on this side of town for his age? I am relatively new to Hamilton and have no idea….

  2. Hi Mary,
    I guess we are in dilemma with which school would be best for our children.would welcome some insight.

    • Hi Shal,

      Schools change over time, and most schools have some individual teachers who are good with gifted children even if they have some who aren’t. What we advise is to ask schools about their policies and procedures for identifying gifted children and catering for their needs. If there is neither a policy (a set of rules created by the board) nor a procedure (a set of rules created by senior staff), you may be dealing with a school that is not prioritising gifted children at present. If there is a policy or procedure, ask for a copy, read it carefully, and if you like what you read you are in a good position to ask for a meeting about how your own child’s specific needs could be met by the school. Being guided by the school’s documentation should help you to identify common ground with the school, and this can help such a meeting to run smoothly.

      • Thank you Mary for your response.yes we have spoken to the school and in the past there were kids who were identified by not their teachers but as a result of psychological /behavior issues and hence had attended the one day school and dropped out later.The school doesn’t have a policy or procedure specifically to cater to natural ally gifted or different children as they feel that since they are fortunate to have the creme de la creme children from families who are high achievers themselves, every, child is gifted.Agreed of course but that leaves us nowhere.My question for you is which school in Hamilton has a program to channel such minds in the correct fashion without the fluff or is it a lotto with the teacher teaching the class.when we had some questions about the one day school to the school they in fact weren’t too supportive as they felt that at the moment there was none attending and also etc etc.

  3. If a school isn’t identifying any children as gifted they are neglecting their responsibilities under the National Administration Guidelines – see

    As stated above, the schools that have good programmes change over time, and this makes it very hard to keep track of which schools are doing a fabulous job with gifted children. Contact several schools near you, making sure they don’t have enrolment zones that would exclude your child, and compare their policies or procedures. If they have no policies or procedures, my suggestion is that you place them low on your priorities.

    Please bear in mind that an association such as ours hears more from people who are unhappy with schools than from people who are happy with them. We also deal with people from the entire Waikato region. This means that we truly cannot keep tabs on which the best schools are from a gifted education viewpoint. However, we have found that starting by being well informed about policies and procedures gives parents a very useful tool for productive discussions with schools.

  4. hi everyone. i think my son is gifted he is 6 and is way ahead of his peers. and follows most if not all of the traits i have seen herd about of giftedness. im trying to find out if there are any groups for him or me as i find managing him hard. or would like to get in contact with any other parents. thanks

    • Hi Bex,

      Your email address is visible to blog admins, so I have contacted you about a meeting next week. Otherwise, is a good online venue for asking questions about giftedness.

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